Fojo: Medieinstitutet

The Fojo Media Institute is part of Linne University and works to strengthen and develop free, independent and professional journalism in Sweden as well as in the world.

Fojo are active all over the world

In Sweden, Fojo offers continuing education courses for journalists. Internationally, they work on various projects to strengthen journalism in Africa, Asia and Europe.

To cover all the needs that arise in an organization like Fojos, we have built a multisite in WordPress. In the multisite, there is the opportunity to have a Swedish website that is aimed at Swedish journalists who want to further their education and an international website that shows the work Fojo does with its many different projects. The multisite also creates the opportunity for Fojo to set up more pages for the tools they offer all journalists, such as the democracy hotline and the factual hotline.

A careful feasibility study

At the beginning of the project, a feasibility study was carried out with the aim of producing a description of the various parts that would be developed for Fojo’s new website. The feasibility study included a description of target groups, purpose and feeling, but also a description of the different parts that would be included.

The results of the feasibility study, which included personas, sitemaps and features, then laid the foundation for UX work, web design and website development.

A darker website that matches the graphic profile

Fojo’s graphic profile contains the colors black, red and gray, which is the design of the website.

The website has a dark background to show seriousness and how important the work Fojo does is. The whole thing is balanced with many colorful pictures and the opportunity to show larger picture-based reports.

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