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A multisite for four Nordic markets

When the collaboration with Ehandel started, they had several different sites that neither resembled nor allowed their editors to collaborate in the way they wished. Solving this challenge became the main objective in the project as they operate in all four Nordic markets with four different languages.
Ehandel wanted a clean and user-friendly interface where different types of news articles and supplier services could be presented together with effective advertising spots for native ads/sponsored articles. The news portal was built in WordPress and feel classy and functional with great opportunity to customize the content for each market without losing the experience of one website and a uniform design.
Our solution was to develop a new, modern design, a smooth user interface and a flexible layout where the appearance and position of the ads can be easily adapted. The new website has clear entrances for e-retailers and suppliers, the main targets groups for The site is, of course, responsive and due to the high mobile traffic great effort has been laid on ensuring a good experience on tablet and phone.

How we keep the readers interested

As the majority of Ehandel’s readers come directly to the article pages, great care was taken to give the article pages a high readability and that it was easy for Ehandel to incorporate advertising spaces in the text. To get visitors to stay longer on the site, In order for the, a function was implemented that automatically selects and loads interesting articles when you reach the end of each article. In this way, the visitor can continue scrolling and continuously being served new interesting content.

Simplifying collaboration between editors

A fully customized management of user rights and roles allows different writer groups to have access only to specific article categories. This allows multiple writers to work with the site simultaneously without creating confusion or interfering with each other’s work. At the same time, the unified platform enables Ehandel to easily share selected items to several markets with a few simple clicks.

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