2009 Equipment List


Mackie Designs 32X8 inline console w/meter bridge and full TT patch bay.


Tannoy DMT Series 10 (Time Aligned)
Yamaha NS-10M
Auratone Cubes

Recording Machines:

Fostex RD-8 Digital Multi-Track (2 units = 16 Tracks)
Motu 2408mkII
Tascam DA-30 DAT

Tascam 38 1/2" 8 Track w/DBX
Sony TC-RX-410 Cassette (4)


Audio Technica AT 4033 Large Diaphram Condenser
Audio Technica AT 4031
Rode NT-1
MXL 1006BP Large Diaphram Condenser (2)
Audio Technica - AT MB 6K Kick Mic (3)
Audio Technica - AT MB 5K Snare Mic (2)
Shure SM-58 (4)

Gates & Comps:

Behringer Composer
Ashly Quad Gate
DBX 166 Stereo Comp/Gate
DOD Quad Gate

Outboard FX:

Ensoniq DP/4 digital effects processor (4 channels)
Ibanez SDR-1000 digital reverb
Digitech GSP-2101 Studio Tube Guitar Processor

Audio Computers:

Power Mac G4 Dual 867 with 2gb Ram + 2.5 tb drive space
22" widescreen LCD Monitors (2)
Digital Performer 4.5 with tons of plug-ins
Reason 4.0
Data back-up w/retrospect

17" Powerbook G4 2gb Ram + 2.5tb drive space
Digital Performer 5.1 with tons of plug-ins
Reason 4.0
Pro Tools 8.0
Final Cut Pro HD
Data back-up w/retrospect


Kurzweil K2500R Sampler 32m + PRam & Piano Card
Korg M-1
Tama Rockstar Acoustic 5pc Drum Set with Zildjians
Roland V-Drums with TD-10
Roland Octapad Pad 80

PA System:

Peavy 18" subwoofer cabinets (2)
B-52 MX1515 front of house cabinets (2)
QSC EX4000 power amps (2)
Samson S-3way crossover